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He Dujuan | Multi-Faceted True Self | LA FESTIN

He Dujuan | Multi-Faceted True Self | LA FESTIN


Many aspects of my true self

Live freely and dream freely.
All facets are the true self.

  LA FESTIN teamed up with He Dujuan, a young actor born in the 1990s, to shoot the 2022 autumn and winter theme blockbuster - "True, Me"
through multi-faceted perspectives to freeze the eternal moment of "Juan". As the first brand ambassador of LA FESTIN,
He Dujuan truly and calmly interprets her understanding of fashion, showcases LA FESTIN's different series of products, and opens up various possibilities for autumn and winter looks.


Really, I

Facing her acting career, He Dujuan hopes to leave more different images to the audience.

From the costume drama "The Legend of Mi Yue", the revolutionary drama "Autumn Cicada", to the modern drama "Surgical Storm", and then to the recent science fiction drama "The Three-Body Problem".

He Dujuan boldly tried different styles and roles. This was her way of breaking the shackles, hoping to find versatility that would not be restricted.


I Many aspects of my trure self 

Similar to what LA FESTIN advocates,
she believes that women's beauty has more than one side.
Side A, side B, and even more sides are all the true selves.
Follow "He Dujuan" to unlock multi-faceted styles under different makeup looks,
and explore a free and diverse true self.


Multi-Faceted "Juan" Yong Style

She is not bound by rules and explores unique outfits.
She is He Dujuan, a LA FESTIN girl,
a gentle girl and a sassy girl.

Elegance and rebelliousness coexist, showing a balance of strength and softness,
freely switching between each true self, and boldly interpreting multi-faceted styles.


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