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Brand Upgrade | New Look Loading | LA FESTIN

Brand Upgrade | New Look Loading | LA FESTIN

New look loading...


LA FESTIN, an original design French women's bag brand, is

designed to create a feast-like diverse experience for modern women who pursue their true self.

In the year 2022, we have had N+1 ideological struggles.
After 11 After years of accumulation and accumulation, we still decided to upgrade the brand again

. We made countless assumptions about trends, and after constant attempts, overthrows and refinements
, we finally chose the form that best displayed LA FESTIN’s attitude and officially launched the newly designed brand LOGO. and VI system
to optimize and refresh the brand's vision and present it with a new look


Refresh LOGO


In order to express a modern and neat feeling
, the new LOGO continues the original capital form, using simplified symbols to express inclusiveness. The font is
flattened and bolded, and the spacing between characters is shortened to make it more integrated and
enhance the sense of retro and fashion.


Brand color: fearless red


The color is inspired by the 70s French New Wave movie.
Fearless Red represents the LA FESTIN brand keyword Love . It uses love as the brand style dye to
high-profile French "authentic self" attitude, and Fearless shows its "multi-faceted" eye-catching nature.

Brand new packaging

Different packaging is like the multi-faceted aspects of life.
The simple and elegant packaging interprets a natural and real image.

The design with the slogan "Etre soi-même"
embodies the brand concept with bold, pure and straightforward expression.





new definition

LA FESTIN, an original design French women's bag brand, was founded in 2011 and originated from the admiration for the female images in French New Wave movies. We find that women on screen no longer appear as subordinate characters. They boldly break free and reveal their multifaceted beauty, which is a truly French attitude we are looking for.

From this, LA FESTIN was born, with love, faith and interest, designed for modern women who pursue their true self. Daily life and fantasy overlap, and classic and innovative fusion draws inspiration from literature, movies, music, paintings and other artistic works, and combines it with trends to create a unique luggage and accessories system belonging to LA FESTIN.

LA FESTIN is a bag, but it is more than a bag. Each bag is designed to carry a different side of you. Just like LA FESTIN, which means "feast" in French, we are committed to creating a feast-like diverse experience. I hope LA FESTIN can accommodate the complex and full you and present your life from multiple perspectives. We pass on the true French attitude to you through bags, and then you use different interpretations to show your unique self to the world.


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  • Starting from October 2022,
    the old version of LA FESTIN's LOGO will be gradually replaced by the new version of the LOGO

    , including but not limited to:
    network platforms, promotional materials, product packaging and other related LOGOs
    . During this period, the new logo and the old logo have the same effect.