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About Us

Brand Introduction

LA FESTIN, an original design French women's bag brand, was founded in 2011. It originated from the admiration for the French new wave film aesthetics and narrative style, drawing inspiration from literature, movies, music, paintings and other artistic works, and keeping up with trends. Combination, committed to exploring the modern aesthetic horizon.

LA FESTIN relies on the creative combination of artistry and practicality, insists on using professional-quality fabrics to produce its fashion bags, shoes and accessories, and integrates French aesthetics into the design concept, becoming the "French Aesthetics Recommendation" of Harper's Bazaar brand.

Brand Positioning

LA FESTIN focuses on the design of original French women's bags, focusing on professional cost-effectiveness, and delving into color, quality, craftsmanship and creativity. The retro tone injected by the brand is combined with modern cutting-edge designs to create distinctive classic products with unique interpretations. aesthetic style.

LA FESTIN is committed to creating functional, beautiful and interesting bags for women in the new era who are pursuing their true self, to meet the needs of consumers of different ages and fashion styles.

Brand Style

LA FESTIN is inspired by the aesthetics of French New Wave films and pursues unique artistic accomplishment and romanticism. The brand adopts classical and modern styles to create imaginative works. The design pays more attention to the mutual coordination and innovation between aesthetics and practicality, and contains the elegance, refinement and softness of women.

Brand Values

LA FESTIN was born with love, faith and interest, and is designed for modern women who pursue their true self. LA FESTIN is a bag, but it is more than a bag. The brand's vision is to create a personal "manifesto" that praises contemporary women, conveying a true French attitude through bag design. The appearance and connotation can jointly express the self-consistent spirit of women.


After three years of preparation, the brand Lafestin was established.


Exploring product innovation and research and development, LA FESTIN strives to become an independent designer brand in China that focuses on styling bag design.


While laying out the domestic market, it continues to explore overseas markets and successively launches a variety of exclusive classic handbags.


Gathering professional designer talents at home and abroad to continuously enhance original and independent design capabilities.


Lay out online sales channels on various international e-commerce platforms.


Strengthen the brand image and position the brand with original design of French women's bags.


Advocating undefined female beauty, the brand concept has been widely recognized.


Launched the "Planet Series" to create the brand's classic planet bag.


The brand development strategy was launched to expand the international fashion territory; the brand upgrade was launched, the brand logo and visual image were refreshed, the official website was built, and in October, actor He Dujuan was officially announced as the brand ambassador to explore the fashion attitude of "multi-faceted true self".


Launched the brand upgrade 2.0, designed the identification graphic "A-shaped door" as the visual symbol representing the brand, and simultaneously launched the "A-shaped door series" to open a new era of LA FESTIN brand recognition.